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Ultimate Space Scape


Float through space while trying to escape from a black hole suction. Enjoy this unique experience that takes you put of this world. You are an astronaut and you´ve had an accident. Now you are being absorbed by a supermassive black hole, and your only way to survive is by returning to your spaceship. 

This game is going to keep you entretained with random objects being absorbed by the supermassive blackhole. Ypu have to use those objects in order to get back to your spaceship and save your life. A rock? A boot? A bike? Which one of this objects is going to make you win?

A PC game made for the class "Proyecto Interactivo VII" at Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla. This game is expected to be developed for VR in the future.


Move your arms to move through space. Use the controllers to grab and activate them 

W, A, S, DMove around space
SPACESmall impulse 
MouseGrab objects

Tools: Unity, Cinema 4D

Third-Party Attributions: 

Music: Wild (Instrumental) by Donny Carma

SFX: Freesound.org


Lourdes Alfaro Rioja: 

Programming, color pallete and concept development

E-mail: bubu_ialar@hotmail.com

José Carlos López Badillo: 

3D Models, graphics and concept development

E-mail: josec_lb@hotmail.com


UltimateSpaceEscape.zip 80 MB

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